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EFN is an asset to our Pierce County community. In 2020 they provided over 19.5 million pounds of food to over 80 foodbanks, meal sites, and shelters. These sites were able to distribute these resources to 1.9 million Pierce County residents, which was made up of over 50% children and seniors. Their incredible mission “to provide Pierce County with a consistent diverse and nutritious food supply so that no person goes hungry” is something we stand behind and we’re so happy to see our Hoppy community get involved.

Below you can find the most requested items this time of year as well as more information about EFN's impact in Pierce County:

EFN Background.jpg
HHFD 2021 Most Requested.jpg
2022 EFN Stats Flyer - 2023_Page_1.png
2022 EFN Stats Flyer - 2023_Page_2.png
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